Our Goals

Hello, dear Reader

Here at Wonderful Cinema we enjoy all film genres. We tend to watch several each week. On this site we will share with you only the best films we have seen recently and in the past.NEWLINE

We group our reviews into four categories:

  • Recent Releases
    Films released within the last couple of years
  • Past Releases
    Films from 2011 or earlier
  • Foreign Language
    Films whose dialogue is in a language other than English
  • Cult & Classics
    Films widely recognised as being classics or holding cult status

As much as we can, we try to loop around these four categories.

Our reviews are short and contain no spoilers. We want to provide a trusted source for movie recommendations where you can be sure you won’t bump into key plot elements. So you will have to bestow on us a little faith on initial visits!

If you find you share our tastes, we would love to hear your recommendations. Simply add a comment to one of our reviews or drop us a line on our feedback page.

Thank you for visiting. We really hope you like the site.


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