Cast: City Lights (1931)


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City Lights (1931)

1931 City Lights Movie Film Cinema Poster Art

Charles Chaplin – A Tramp

Virginia Cherrill – A Blind Girl

Florence Lee – Her Grandmother

Harry Myers – An Eccentric Millionaire

Al Ernest Garcia – His Butler

Hank Mann – A Prizefighter

Robert Parrish – Newsboy

Henry Bergman – Mayor / Blind Girl’s Downstairs Neighbor

Albert Austin – Street Sweeper / Burglar

Jack Alexander – Extra in Boxing Scene

T.S. Alexander – Doctor

Victor Alexander – Superstitious Boxer

Harry Ayers – Cop

Eddie Baker – Boxing Fight Referee

Betty Blair – Woman at Center of Table in Restaurant

Buster Brodie – Bald Party Guest

Jeanne Carpenter – Extra in Restaurant Scene

Marie Cooper – Dancer

Tom Dempsey – Boxer

Peter Diego – Man in Mix-Up with Coat and Hat

James Donnelly – Street Sweepers’ Foreman

Ray Erlenborn – Newsboy

Mrs. Garcia – Woman at Left of Table in Restaurant

Milton Gowman – Extra in Street Scene

Robert Graves – Police Officer

Charles Hammond – Extra in Street Scene

Jean Harlow – Extra in Restaurant Scene

Ad Herman – Extra in Boxing Scene

Joseph Herrick – Extra in Boxing Scene

Mrs. Hyams – Flower Shop Assistant

Austen Jewell – Newsboy

Willie Keeler – Boxer

A.B. Lane – Extra in Boxing Scene

Eddie McAuliffe – Eddie Mason, Boxer

Margaret Oliver – Extra in Street Scene

Mrs. Pope – Extra in Restaurant Scene

John Rand – Tramp Who Dives for Cigar

Granville Redmond – Sculptor

W.C. Robinson – Man Who Throws Away Cigar

Cy Slocum – Extra in Boxing Scene

Tony Stabenau – Victorious Boxer, Later Knocked Out

Mark Strong – Man in Restaurant

Jack Sutherland – Tall Man at Party

Joe Van Meter – Burglar

Emmett Wagner – Second

Tiny Ward – Man in Elevator in Front of the Art Shop

Stanhope Wheatcroft – Distinguished Gentleman in Cafe

Florence Wix – Woman Who Sits on Cigar


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