The Clone Returns Home (2008)

2008 The Clone Returns Home to the Homeland Kurôn wa kokyô wo mezasu kuron kokyo Movie Film Cinema Poster Art Advance Teaser Theatrical

Kanji Nakajima’s The Clone Returns Home is a superbly crafted and touching science fiction film. It comprises an involving human story coupled to the exploration of interesting scientific ideas, technological, ethical and philosophical.

The film, reminiscent of Tarkovsky’s work, is shot beautifully using desaturated, high contrast cinematography which creates an almost black-and-white world of shadows, pale greys and harsh, near-blinding light.


You can find more information on this Japanese movie on IMDb.

As always, we recommend you don’t ruin any surprises by reading spoilers or watching this trailer:


Title: Kurôn wa kokyô wo mezasu

Language: Japanese

Direction: Kanji Nakajima

Screenplay: Kanji Nakajima

Cinematography: Hideho Urata

Editing: Ken Mimeta

Score: Yûta Yamashita

Stars: Mitsuhiro Oikawa, Eri Ishida, Hiromi Nagasaku, Kyûsaku Shimada, Ryô Tsukamoto, Shô Tsukamoto, Ken’ichi Yajima, Kôzô Satô, Takahiro Hirano, Chieko Ichikawa, Yoshito Shimizu, Tajiro Tamura, Akira Ogata, Masato Shibasaki, Tôru Shinagawa


Full Acting Cast and Roles

Kuron kokyo Kyusaku Ryo Sho Kozo Sato Toru


  1. Low budget sci-fi reminiscent of Tarkovsky? I’m in right now. It has been on my list on a while, but I’ve been delaying it… maked me think of some movies with Brit Marling & The Machine.

    Did you watch Embers? I cannot say I particularly liked it but it has some mesmerizing moments, interesting ideas and is shot in a very Tarkovsky-like vein.

    Dead Man’s Letters (1986) is a superb Soviet dystopia shot by Lopushansky who worked during the Stalker’s production. It raises very interesting ethical and philosophical questions.

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