Airplane! (1980)

1980 Airplane! Movie Film Cinema Poster ArtOne of the funniest films ever made, Airplane! mocks the 1970s airplane disaster movie with a relentless stream of comedy mayhem designed to expose Hollywood‘s contrived plot devices.

This must-see classic helped pioneer the spoof genre started by Mel Brooks. With Airplane!, the writers and directors created a barrage of silly, bizarre and absurd word plays and jokes which still work well to this day. The chaos is played out with hilarious deadpan deliveries by the likes of Leslie Nielsen and Lloyd Bridges.


You can find more information on this U.S. movie on Wikipedia and IMDb.

As always, we recommend you don’t ruin any surprises by reading spoilers or watching this trailer:


Title: Airplane!

Language: English

Direction: Jim Abrahams, David Zucker, Jerry Zucker

ScreenplayJim Abrahams, David Zucker, Jerry Zucker

Cinematography: Joseph F. Biroc

Editing: Patrick Kennedy

Score: Elmer Bernstein

Stars: Robert Hays, Julie Hagerty, Leslie Nielsen, Peter Graves, Lloyd Bridges, Robert Stack, Lorna Patterson, Stephen Stucker, Frank Ashmore, Jonathan Banks, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Craig Berenson, Barbara Billingsley, Lee Bryant, Nicholas Pryor, Joyce Bulifant, Marcy Goldman, Barbara Stuart, Ross Harris, James Hong, Norman Alexander Gibbs, Al White, David Leisure, Jill Whelan, Ethel Merman, Lee Terri, Howard Jarvis


Full Acting Cast and Roles


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  1. Paragraph Film Reviews

    Surely you can’t be serious!!

  2. A movie which brought a few old school Hollywood stalwarts like Lloyd Bridges, Peter Graves, Robert Stack and Leslie Nielsen to a new generation, besides all of the brilliant visual and verbal gags. Completely un-PC, its like could never be done again. A landmark comedy in so many ways.

  3. Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.

  4. So many after school evenings watching this film. My already watched, they laughed but not as much as I did.

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