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The Lives of Others (2006)

Winner of the 79th Best Foreign Film Oscar, The Lives of Others is an outstanding psychological and political thriller set in East Berlin in 1984.

The whole cast is excellent. Newcomers to German film will be floored by Ulrich Mühe (who sadly passed away in 2007). Martina Gedeck and Sebastian Koch produce other notable performances.

This outstanding feature debut by writer/director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck will leave you in awe. Incredibly, Henckel von Donnersmarck followed up his masterpiece with the abysmal The Tourist (2010).

The Lives of Others is one of the best films we at Wonderful Cinema have seen. Highly recommended!


You can find more information on this German-language movie on Wikipedia and IMDb.

As always, we recommend you don’t ruin any surprises by reading spoilers or watching this trailer:


Title: Das Leben der Anderen

Language: German

Direction: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck

Screenplay: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck

Cinematography: Hagen Bogdanski

Editing: Patricia Rommel

Score: Stéphane Moucha, Gabriel Yared

Stars: Ulrich Mühe, Martina Gedeck, Sebastian Koch


Full Acting Cast and Roles

Stephane Muhe


  1. MIB

    Great film. Stark but powerful. I wasn’t aware that Ulrich Mühe had passed away though. Sad. I guess, you do learn new something every day.

      1. Barbara Fox

        Hi Shimky! All well here and hope with you too. LA-set book is on the backburner right now but about to start working on memoir set in 1970s north-east mining town. And hoping to adapt Bedpans & Bobby Socks for radio. I’ll be blogging about my progress! Thanks for keeping in touch! (Must get Frankenweenie out next! And I note The Big Lebowski is on TV this Friday.)

  2. merrildsmith

    As we left the theater after seeing this movie, I remember thinking this was one of the best movies I had ever seen. I definitely need to see it again sometime.

  3. beetleypete

    There really is no praise high enough for this modern masterpiece. It is complete in every way imaginable, and without doubt, one of the best films ever made. As you might guess, I like it.
    I don’t subscribe to the concept of ‘top ten’ lists, popular on so many blogs. But IF I ever did…
    Best wishes, Pete.

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