Beasts of No Nation (2015)

Cary Fukunaga’s war drama Beasts of No Nation is an outstanding contribution to cinema. Absorption of the film’s devastating content leaves one emotionally and spiritually ravaged. Nevertheless, experiencing the storyteller’s art is exhilarating, inspiring.

Sublime cinematography and sound design; compelling storytelling; laudable acting. This film has it all.

English star Idris Elba and Ghanaian first-time child actor Abraham Attah power forward the harrowing narrative which is based on Uzodinma Iweala’s homonymous novel.

Designed for the cinema, Beasts of No Nation works best on a big screen with a great sound system. But no matter how you see it… see it!


You can find more information on this U.S. movie on Wikipedia and IMDb. However, we recommend against reading spoilers or watching trailers (such as the one below) before watching a film; they often ruin surprises.


Title: Beasts of No Nation

Year released: 2015

Language: English

Director: Cary Fukunaga

Screenplay: Cary Fukunaga

Based on: Beasts of No Nation, the 2005 novel by Uzodinma Iweala

Cinematographer: Cary Fukunaga

Editors: Mikkel E. G. Nielsen, Pete Beaudreau

Score: Dan Romer

Stars: Idris Elba, Abraham Attah, Emmanuel “King King” Nii Adom Quaye, Kurt Egyiawan, Jude Akuwudike

Full cast and roles



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  1. Watched it online, Netflix, truly uncompromising. Brutal, vicious and compelling, if you can hold those three together, it’s a winner

    1. Dermott, I’ve just bought Tito’s Dead on Kindle (it’s easier on my eyes). Looking forward to starting it this evening in bed with a nice cup of tea!

      1. Thanks for buying it and I really hope you enjoy it. You might also be interested in my short film, 1916, Souls of Freedom. I would love to get some feedback on that. You can watch it on my WordPress site, under videos or look for the 1916 post.

        I don’t mean to be persistent but I gather, from your film choices, that we share tastes. This film was made in one day for a budget under $1,000. The actors worked for free. Paul Ronan was in The Devil’s Own with Brad Pitt and Harrison Ford. George Murphy is a well known Irish tv actor and the music was composed exclusively for this film, by Grammy award winner, Padraig Duggan of Clannad. I bought Final Cut Pro X, two weeks before the shoot and taught myself how to use it, while I was editing this film. So, apologies for that.

  2. I really loved this film. And you are right, it leaves you really emotionally and spiritually drained. Fantastic movie with a really strong heart.

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