NOPE (2022)

Following on from the huge successes of Get Out (2017) and Us (2019), Jordan Peele’s 3rd film does not disappoint with a delightfully entertaining inoffensive science fiction horror.

This is a thrilling, captivating, at times truly frightening ride. I watched with exhilaration as the great cast deliver a simple story – and one of the best subplots ever made – in a sequence of perfectly-constructed scenes that build up to a satisfying ending with no loose ends. I gasped and (silently) applauded at the cleverness of ideas and scene to scene tie-ins.

Nope is beautifully captured on digital, 65mm and IMAX 65mm Kodak stock. Using the Kodak provides the ability to dominate overexposure when shooting skies – and there is a lot of footage of the upper atmosphere in this picture. The results are astounding. Many of you interested in photography, videography and cinematography will be thinking, Rubbish! That’s a problem of a bygone era. Believe you me, you are unlikely to have seen a skyline rendered as exquisitely as in this movie (I was not in an IMAX theater).

Perhaps you can’t stomach horror? I would think Nope is a safe bet for people who are adverse to horror but like thrillers. There is no gore involved but there is plenty of blood. Apart from a single scene, the violence is tame.

In contrast to Peele’s previous box office achievements, Nope has been given a lukewarm reception by many critics. This is to be expected given how tight-lipped Peele is regarding pre-release productions. With no forewarning that dark themes and brutality are not on the menu, many critics – especially lovers of true horror – have been disappointed. On the ball critics will have also factored into the equation the delicious bloodshed dished out in 2021’s Candyman (written by Peele but directed by Nia DaCosta). I say to all those people: You must watch a new film with an open mind, regardless who the director is. If you don’t, how can you form a balanced view? Expectations must always be put to one side.

If you are a hardened horror fan, I recommend you think of Nope as an episode of The Twilight Zone; it’s almost a Disney sci-fi horror movie – but not one you’d want your children to see. Wink.

I haven’t had this much fun for a long time in the cinema. And I haven’t even mentioned Gordy the chimpanzee. LOL! Gulp.

Exquisite surprises prepared by the director await you. Wonderful Cinema recommends you don’t ruin them by opening the treasure box lid before seeing the movie. Of course, we know many of you can’t resist…

You can find more information on this USA film on WikipediaIMDb and Rotten Tomatoes.

NOPE (2022)
Country, LanguageUSA, English
DirectorJordan Peele
Lead ActorsDaniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, Brandon Perea
(click here for full cast)
ScreenplayJordan Peele
CinematographyHoyte Van Hoytema
EditingNicholas Monsour
MusicMichael Abels


  1. I guessed the ending of ‘Get Out’ almost as soon as the film started. I haven’t seen this one yet, but will watch it eventually.
    Nice to know you are still alive, Shimky. I can’t recall the last time I saw a post from you. (I am 70 now, so keep them coming in case I drop off the perch before the next one!)
    I recently watched the Danish film, ‘The Guilty’. (2018) I can recommend that for a claustrophobic feel, and a decent twist.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. 70 is young, my friend. You could have another 30 to go. Remember when you where 40? It’s the same gap. 🙂 Not that I don’t think about these things too. I’ll be 54 next month and I’m aware how much time I’ve wasted and keep wasting. But, to be honest, I just want an easy life that I enjoy from day to day; I’m not worried about leaving any legacy. How’s the doggie? Doggie’s don’t have it so easy as us.

      I’ve seen The Guilty. Absolutely brilliant. Shame they keep making shitty remakes of these brilliant movies. Why people can’t get used to subtitles is beyond me. Sure, if you’re visually impaired, I understand. But there is always the dubbed version.

      I did enjoy Get Out very much. Yes, it’s superficial entertainment, but it’s brilliantly done.

      Supposedly I have 8,654 followers, but you are the only one that I hear from consistently. Makes you wonder if it’s all I’ll-follow-you-if-you’ll-follow-me. I must admint, I did my fair of that too when I first started blogging.

      It’s a 3 year gap since I posted my review on Parasite. As you know, I’ve always been inconsistent. It’s one of my flaws; not sticking to things. I don’t beat myself up about it anymore since recovering from depression many years ago. We have to be kind to ourselves because – like you said with different words – life is short.

      1. I have Parasite recorded on my PVR, and still haven’t watched it!
        My dog is doing okay, though he has Arthritis in his leg joints now, so only manages about an hour on his walk. He will be 11 next February, which is old for his breed.
        I also have over 8,000 followers, but I only get around 300+ views a day. So I have mentally readjusted that figure to more like 500 real followers.
        Cheers, Pete.

        1. I screwed up and posted NOPE at the wrong time. I meant to post it at US prime time, New York, Monday 08:14 but I scheduled it for late Sunday evening. So it’s given me the idea to repost all 145 reviews, one a day. I’ll lose all the comments and likes, but I don’t think it matters. It will be an interesting traffic-generating experiment.

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