Cast: After Dark, My Sweet (1990)


#00115 – 12/02/2014 – Past Releases

After Dark, My Sweet (1990)

Original Large Theatrical Movie Poster Art Cinema Film 2009 Enter The Void

Jason Patric – Kevin ‘Kid’ Collins / ‘Collie’

Rachel Ward – Fay Anderson

Bruce Dern – Garrett ‘Uncle Bud’ Stoker

George Dickerson – Doc Goldman

Rocky Giordani – Bert, bartender

Corey Carrier – Jack

Jeanie Moore – Nanny

James Cotton – Charlie

Thomas Wagner – Counterman

Mike Hagerty – Truck driver

James E. Bowen Jr. – Second driver

Burke Byrnes – Cop

Vincent Mazella Jr. – Boxing opponent

Napoleon Walls – Boxing referee


After Dark, My Sweet (1990)                                   Past Releases                                   Film Database


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