Cast: Mud (2012)


#00100 – 25/07/2013 – Recent Releases

Mud (2012)

Original Large Theatrical Movie Poster Art 2012 Mud Cinema Film

Matthew McConaughey – Mud

Tye Sheridan – Ellis

Jacob Lofland – Neckbone

Ray McKinnon – Senior

Sarah Paulson – Mary Lee

Michael Shannon – Galen

Sam Shepard – Tom Blankenship

Reese Witherspoon – Juniper

Paul Sparks – Carver

Joe Don Baker – King

Bonnie Sturdivant – May Pearl

Stuart Greer – Miller

John Ward Jr. – Galen’s Helper

Kristy Barrington – Princess

Johnny Cheek – Kyle

Kenneth Hill – Nelson

Michael Abbott Jr. – James

Earnest McCoy – Man at Budget Inn

Allie Wade – May Pearl’s Friend

Douglas Ligon – Motel Clerk

Matt Newcomb – Male Nurse

Mary Alice Jones – Female Nurse

Tate Smalley – Older Kid at Food King

Jimmy Dinwiddie – Bartender

Ryan Jacks – Trooper at Roadblock

Lauren Lee – Additional Dialogue


Mud (2012)                                   Recent Releases                                   Film Database


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