Cast: Slap Shot (1977)


#00101 – 27/07/2013 – Cult & Classics

Slap Shot (1977)

Original Large Theatrical Movie Poster 1977 Slap Shot Cinema Film

Paul Newman – Reggie ‘Reg’ Dunlop

Strother Martin – Joe McGrath

Michael Ontkean – Ned Braden

Jennifer Warren – Francine Dunlop

Lindsay Crouse – Lily Braden

Jerry Houser – Dave ‘Killer’ Carlson

Andrew Duncan – Jim Carr

Jeff Carlson – Jeff Hanson

Steve Carlson – Steve Hanson

David Hanson – Jack Hanson

Yvon Barrette – Denis Lemieux

Allan F. Nicholls – Johnny Upton

Brad Sullivan – Morris ‘Mo’ Wanchuk

Stephen Mendillo – Jim Ahern

Yvan Ponton – Jean-Guy Drouin

Matthew Cowles – Charlie Kischel

Kathryn Walker – Anita McCambridge

Melinda Dillon – Suzanne Hanrahan

M. Emmet Walsh – Dickie Dunn

Swoosie Kurtz – Shirley Upton

Paul D’Amato – Tim ‘Dr. Hook’ McCracken

Ronald L. Docken – Yvon Lebrun

Guido Tenesi – Billy Charlebois

Jean Rosario Tetreault – Andre Bergeron

Christopher Murney – Tommy Hanrahan

Ned Dowd – Ogie Ogilthorpe

Gracie Head – Pam

Nancy N. Dowd – Andrea

Barbara L. Shorts – Bluebird

Janet Arters – Sparkle Twin

Louise Arters – Sparkle Twin

Blake Ball – Gilmore Tuttle

Mark Bousquet – Andre ‘Poodle’ Lussier

John Gofton – Nick Brophy

Connie Madigan – Ross ‘Mad Dog’ Madison

Mickey McQuillan – Dickie Dunn’s son

Joe Nolan – Clarence ‘Screaming Buffalo’ Swamptown

Ross Smith – Barclay Donaldson

Cliff Thompson – Walt Comisky

Lucy Lee Flippin – Game Show Contestant

Macon McCalman – Soap Opera patient

Susan Kendall Newman – Pharmacist

Paul Dooley – Hyannisport Announcer

Dick Roberge – Referee Ecker

Larry Block – Peterboro Referee

Stephen Dowling – Referee

Myron Odegaard – Final Game Referee

Woody Espy – The Stick Boy

Louis Levasseur – Goalie

Bruce Boudreau – Hockey Player #7

Reg Bechtold – Hockey Player

Galen Head – Hockey Player

Reggie Krezanski – Hockey Player

Ted McCaskill – Hockey Player

Danny Belisle – Syracuse Bulldog Player

Ray Schultz – Syracuse Bulldog player

Jon McClintock – TV Reporter

Allison Caine – Additional voice (voice)


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