Cast: The Grifters (1990)


#00103 – 04/08/2013 – Past Releases

The Grifters (1990)

Original Large Theatrical Movie Poster Art 1990 Grifters Cinema Film

John Cusack – Roy Dillon

Anjelica Huston – Lilly Dillon

Annette Bening – Myra Langtry

Pat Hingle – Bobo Justus

J.T. Walsh – Cole

Charles Napier – Gloucester Hebbing

Jan Munroe – Guy at Bar

Robert Weems – Racetrack Announcer

Stephen Tobolowsky – Jeweler

Steven Anderson – Nervous Man in Jewelry Shop

Jimmy Noonan – Bartender

Richard Holden – Cop

Henry Jones – Simms

Michael Laskin – Irv

Eddie Jones – Mintz

Sandy Baron – Doctor

Lou Hancock – Nurse

Gailard Sartain – Joe

Noelle Harling – Nurse Carol Flynn

Ivette Soler – Maid

Paul Adelstein – Sailor – Young Paul

Jeremy Piven – Sailor – Freshman

Gregory Sporleder – Spooney, sailor

David Sinaiko – Sailor – Stinky

Jeff Perry – Drunk

Jon Gries – Drunk’s Friend

Micole Mercurio – Waitress

Teresa Gilmore – Receptionist 1

Elizabeth Ann Feeley – Receptionist 2

Billy Ray Sharkey – FBI Man

Frances Bay – Arizona Motel Clerk

Xander Berkeley – Lt. Pierson

Fawn – Young Teenager

John Gillespie – Bartender

Lee Hollingsworth – Dog Race Spectator

Juliet Landau – Young Lilly

Martin Scorsese – Opening voice-over (voice)


The Grifters (1990)                                   Past Releases                                   Film Database


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