Cast: Blue Velvet (1986)


#00081 – 2013/01/20 – Cult & Classics

Blue Velvet (1986)

1986 Blue Velvet Movie Film Cinema Poster Art

Kyle MacLachlan – Jeffrey Beaumont

Laura Dern – Sandy Williams

Dennis Hopper – Frank Booth

Isabella Rossellini – Dorothy Vallens

Dean Stockwell – Ben

George Dickerson – Detective Williams

Hope Lange – Mrs. Williams

Jack Harvey – Mr. Beaumont

Priscilla Pointer – Mrs. Beaumont

Frances Bay – Aunt Barbara

Fred Pickler – Yellow Man

Ken Stovitz – Mike

Brad Dourif – Raymond

Jack Nance – Paul

J. Michael Hunter – Hunter

Dick Green – Don Vallens

Philip Markert – Dr. Gynde

Leonard Watkins – Double Ed

Moses Gibson – Double Ed

Selden Smith – Nurse Cindy

Peter Carew – Coroner

Jon Jon Snipes – Little Donny

Angelo Badalamenti – Piano Player

Jean Pierre Viale – Master of Ceremonies

Donald Moore – Desk Sergeant

A. Michelle Depland – Party Girl

Michelle Sasser – Party Girl

Katie Reid – Party Girl

Robert J. Maxwell – Slow Club Customer

Sparky – The Dog


Blue Velvet (1986)                                  Cult & Classics                                   Film Database


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