Cast: Shallow Grave (1994)


#00083 – 06/02/2013 – Past Releases

Shallow Grave (1994)

1994 Shallow Grave Movie Film Cinema Poster Art

Ewan McGregor – Alex Law

Christopher Eccleston – David Stephens

Kerry Fox – Juliet Miller

Ken Stott – Detective Inspector McCall

Keith Allen – Hugo

Colin McCredie – Cameron, Prospective roommate

Victoria Nairn – Prospective roommate

Gary Lewis – Prospective roommate

Jean Marie Coffey – Goth prospective roommate

Carol McGregor – Prospective roommate

Peter Mullan – Andy

Leonard O’Malley – Tim

David Scoular – Cash Machine Victim

Grant Glendinning – Bath Victim

Victor Eadie – Freezer victim

Robert David MacDonald – Lumsden

Frances Low – Doctor

Bill Denistoun – Master of Ceremonies

John Carmichael – Bandleader

Gordon Cree – Danceband Pianist

John Bett – Brian McKinley

Tony Curran – Travel Agent

Elspeth Cameron – Elderly Woman

Paul Doonan – Newspaper Office Boy

Billy Riddoch – Newspaper Editor

Kenneth Bryans – Police Officer

John Hodge – Detective Constable Mitchell

Pat Harkins – Postman


Shallow Grave (1994)                                   Past Releases                                   Film Database


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