Lovers of the Arctic Circle (1998)

Original Large Movie Poster 1998 Amantes Círculo Polar Cinema Film

This Spanish film is a brilliantly written romantic drama without any of the unsubtle, inauthentic adornments we have come to expect from the heavily-marketed rubbish that passes as romance these days.

Lovers of the Arctic Circle takes you on a journey of longing, heartache and love. You will fall in love with the two wonderful central characters. This is a film that will find its own niche somewhere in your heart.


This is the second film we have reviewed starring the talented Fele Martínez. He produced a superb performance in Tesis (1996).


You can find more information on this Spanish-language movie on Wikipedia and IMDb.

Like we always recommend: don’t ruin surprises by reading spoilers or watching trailers. The following trailer, as usual, gives away far too much.


Title: Los amantes del círculo polar

Language: Spanish

Direction: Julio Médem

Screenplay: Julio Médem

Cinematography: Gonzalo F. Berridi

Editing: Iván Aledo

Score: Alberto Iglesias

Stars: Fele Martínez, Najwa Nimri, Nancho Novo


Full Acting Cast and Roles



  1. Hey! I come from Spain. And talking about Julio Médem, I prefer “Ardilla roja” (I don’t know its traduction to English) instead of the Lovers. As I see this film, the script is quite poor and the performances aren’t too much credible.
    Greetings from Madrid!

    1. Hi Osmio! Thanks for commenting, although you can see that I don’t agree with you!

      La Ardilla Roja (1993) is called “The Red Squirrel” in English. I haven’t seen it yet but I will try and get myself a copy. Many thanks for the tip!


  2. Hey there pips! Shimkymeewy

    So lets do opinionating
    Long time since I watched Medem’s films. Room in Rome has been in my watchlist for two years; recently I wrote a “suggestion” as Shane Carruth may have copied RinR poster in his latest Upstream Color.

    Anyway, Tierra is my favourite Medem’s, but have no “objecticity” as I like Karra a lot and I love Silke to bits 😛
    I like Fele in general, not so much Najwa.
    Tesis is IMHO Amenabar’s first and best

    that opinionating enough (pilingBS)

    all good

    1. Hola!

      Wow, yes, the posters are almost identical!

      I agree with you about Najwa Nimri. It’s a bit of a disappointment when the beauty of Kristel Díaz is replaced with Nimri’s plain looks in Los amantes del círculo polar.

      Thank you for your opinions. I have only seen one other Medem film – Lucía y el sexo – which I loved.

      By the way, I love your two 34-years-apart photos!

  3. Hey! Good work here! Cool blog!! I´m from Spain and I like specially this film (haha…) But I´m with Osmio you have to see “The Red Squirrel”,… you will love it!. And you will love Emma Suarez too… 😉

  4. Oh, the story of Ana & Otto… Since I saw this film many years ago, It became one of my favorites. It was the first time that I saw a story like that and for me it was like a revelation. I found myself thinking about the characters, the story, the dialogues over and over again. It haunted me for days. It was incredible!

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