Cast: Lovers of the Arctic Circle (1998)


#00102 – 28/07/2013 – Foreign Language (Spanish)

Los amantes del círculo polar (1998)  a.k.a.  Lovers of the Arctic Circle

Original Large Movie Poster 1998 Amantes Círculo Polar Cinema Film

Najwa Nimri – Ana (adult)

Fele Martínez – Otto (adult)

Kristel Díaz – Ana  (adolescent)

Víctor Hugo Oliveira – Otto (adolescent)

Sara Valiente – Ana (child)

Peru Medem – Otto (child)

Nancho Novo – Álvaro

Maru Valdivielso – Olga

Pep Munné – Javier

Jaroslaw Bielski – Álvaro Midelman

Rosa Morales – Sofía

Joost Siedhoff – Otto Midelman

Beate Jensen – Otto’s mother

Petri Heino – Aki

Outi Alanen – Postal messenger

María Isasi – Sales Assistant

Ángela Castilla – Inn landlady

Luz Nicolás – Girl 1

Concha Salinas – Girl 2

Elena Lombao – Girl 3

Montse Mostaza – Girl 4

J. Christoffer Slotte – Man on street in Rovaniemi


Los amantes del círculo polar (1998)                      Foreign Language                         Film Database


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