Original Large Theatrical Movie Poster Art 2005 Pierrepoint Cinema Film

Pierrepoint (2005)

This film is a fascinating examination of the life of Albert Pierrepoint, one of the longest-serving hangmen in England. His career spanned from 1932 to 1956, during which he gained the reputation of being the most expeditious executioner in British history.

The film was incorrectly titled Pierrepoint: The Last Hangman for its U.S. release. Executions continued in Britan until 1964.

Pierrepoint (2005) is a marvellously-made film starring the ever-brilliant Timothy Spall. Whenever I see Spall in anything, I can’t help but think back to his hilarious beginnings as Barry Spencer Taylor in the British TV comedy-drama, Auf Wiedersehen, Pet!


You can find more information on this British movie on Wikipedia and IMDb.

As always, we recommend you don’t ruin any surprises by reading spoilers or watching trailers.


Title: Pierrepoint

Language: English

Direction: Adrian Shergold

Screenplay: Jeff Pope, Bob Mills

Cinematography: Danny Cohen

Editing: Tania Reddin

Score: Martin Phipps

Stars: Timothy Spall, Juliet Stevenson, Eddie Marsan


Full Acting Cast and Roles



  1. fututasumhic

    El verdugo (The hangman) by Luis García Berlanga, 1963. It is also about a hangman, not a real story but as real as it can get. A very good and interesting movie.

  2. Abbi

    I watched this with a friend on a whim a couple of years ago. It’s really interesting and it stayed with me long after the credits had rolled.

  3. Bobo

    These reviews are short. I might have overdone it with mine. Not to piss on your parade or anything, they offer up some information.

  4. Roz Barron Abellera

    I can’t get the character from the movie ‘Rockstar’ that Timothy Spall played from out of my head whenever I see him in a movie now. LOL

  5. lena de almeida

    I hadn’t heard of this film until I read your review – I just added to my Lovefilm watch list. If you have not done so yet, I recommend you watch ’12 Angry Men’ (the 1957 original) and ‘The Lives of Others’, a story set in East Germany. Thanks for sharing and for following my photo blog 🙂

  6. Now What?

    Thanks for the tip! There’s a wonderful NYRB title, *A Handbook on Hanging* by Charles Duff (intro by C. Hitchens)–maybe “wonderful” isn’t the right word.

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