Cast: Pierrepoint (2005)


#00107 – 19/08/2013 – Past Releases

Pierrepoint (2005)

Original Large Theatrical Movie Poster Art 2005 Pierrepoint Cinema Film

Timothy Spall – Albert Pierrepoint

Juliet Stevenson – Annie Pierrepoint

Eddie Marsan – James ‘Tish’ Corbitt

Simon Armstrong – Minister

Ann Bell – Violet Van Der Elst

Nicholas Blane – Governor of Strangeways

Clive Brunt – Warder at Strangeways

Cavan Clerkin – George Cooper

James Corden – Kirky

Marie Critchley – Woman in Pub

Neil Fitzmaurice – Cliff the Scouser

Keiran Flynn – Neville

Clive Francis – Field Marshall Montgomery

Christopher Fulford – Sykes

Frances Shergold – Alice

Lizzie Hopley – Dorothea Waddingham

Peter Jonfield – Mr. Andrews

Bernard Kay – Uncle Tom

Dominic Kemp – Medical Officer

Claire Keelan – Jessie Kelly

Rodney Litchfield – Sellers

Jack Lord – Jack Ellis

Tobias Menzies – Lt. Llewelyn

Ben McKay – Timothy Evans

Christopher Newland – Warder at Pentonville

Maggie Ollerenshaw – Mary Pierrepoint

Jacqueline Pilton – Lady Shopper

Mary Jo Randle – Mrs. Corbitt

Paul Ready – Anthony David Farrow

Mark Roper – Man Shopper

Kate Rutter – Woman in Pub

Ian Shaw – Percy

Sheyla Shehovich – Irma Grese

Robin Soans – Governor Paton-Walsh

Mary Stockley – Ruth Ellis

Tim Woodward – Governor of Holloway

Warren Bertram – Fritz Klein

David Davies – Nazi Prisoner

Joyia Fitch – Elizabeth Volkenrath

Marie Gawthorpe – Old Woman

Kenny Greenfield – Nazi Prisoner

Jo Gould – Goss

Owen Jennings – Protestor

Scott Davidson – Josef Kramer

Suzie Sackie – Juana Bormanns

Sarah-Jane Silverton Andrews – Market Shopper

Elizabeth Ford – Shouting Protestor

Peter Ryder – Protester

John Warman – Prison Warder

Kathryn Pogson


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