Red White & Blue (2010)

Drama; thriller; horror. Simon Rumley’s challenging and disturbing Red White & Blue morphs slowly from one genre to another, building intimacy and empathy towards its characters as it crescends towards its terrifying denouement.

The script, simultaneously compassionate and threatening, thrives on the quality of its cast, most notably Amanda Fuller, Noah Taylor, Sally Jackson and Jon Michael Davis.

The film is also interesting from a technical perspective. The first half is pure montage – no camera movements whatsoever; the pacing is controlled exclusively through the editing of the footage captured by the multiple camera set-ups. The hushed sound design amplifies the authenticity of the story; score music only beginning to become prevalent in the final act when the camera finally begins to move, relentlessly tracking the story’s main characters.

Red White & Blue is an enthralling film about the human condition. And by telling its story through a non-traditional blend of film genres, English writer/director Rumley has brought a scintillating shot of vigour to the horror genus.

You can find more information on this U.S. movie on Wikipedia and IMDb. However, we recommend against reading spoilers or watching trailers (such as the one below) before watching a film; they often ruin surprises.


Title: Red White & Blue

Year released: 2010

Language: English

Direction: Simon Rumley

Screenplay: Simon Rumley

Cinematography: Milton Kam

Editing: Robert Hall

Score: Richard Chester

Stars: Noah Taylor, Amanda Fuller, Marc Senter, Jon Michael Davis

Full cast and roles



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    1. Hello, old friend. My goodness, someone spending hard cash based on my opinions – scary! I hope you like it; let me know…

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