Cast: Bound (1996)


#00097 – 03/07/2013 – Cult & Classics

Bound (1996)

Original Large Theatrical Movie Poster Art 1996 Bound Cinema Film

Jennifer Tilly – Violet

Gina Gershon – Corky

Joe Pantoliano – Caesar

John P. Ryan – Micky Malnato

Christopher Meloni – Johnnie Marzzone

Richard C. Sarafian – Gino Marzzone

Barry Kivel – Shelly

Peter Spellos – Lou

Gene Borkan – Roy

Mary Mara – Sue, Bartender

Susie Bright – Jesse

Margaret Smith – Woman Cop

Ivan Kane – Cop #1

Kevin Michael Richardson – Cop #2


Bound (1996)                              Cult & Classics                                Film Database


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