Cast: Thirst (2009)


#00094 – 17/06/2013 – Foreign Language (Korean)

Bakjwi (2009) a.k.a. Thirst

2009 Bakjwi Thirst Movie Film Cinema Theatrical Poster Art

Song Kang-ho – Father Sang-hyeon

Kim Ok-bin – Tae-ju

Kim Hae-suk – Lady Ra

Shin Ha-kyun – Kang-woo

Park In-hwan – Priest Noh

Oh Dal-su – Yeong-doo

Song Young-chang – Seung-dae

Mercedes Cabral – Evelyn

Eriq Ebouaney – Immanuel

Choi Hee-jin – Nurse

Hwang Woo-seul-hye – Girl with a whistle

Lee Hwa-ryong – Professor Ku

Ra Mi-ran – Nurse Yu


Bakjwi (2009)                                   Foreign Language                                   Film Database


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